Posted by: dogbix | 23 January 2010

Tuner tuned

This is just a quick post for reference. To tune MythTV for Ziggo Digital TV here in the province of Zuid Holland the following settings can be used:

Frequency:         372000000
Symbol rate:      6875000
Modulation:        QAM-64
The other settings can be left as ‘auto’

Make sure the decrypt card is in the slot. When I did it I got all the possible channels appear in the list so I had to go through the channel setup and delete all the channels that I don’t subscribe to.

For now I also decided to pull the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) information from the EIT data sent with the digital TV signal. It means I only get a few days of TV schedules (about 4 days) but it meant just ticking an option in the channels setup. Before I used to use the XML TV grabber scripts but the website it was pulled from changed frequently and broke the script, at least with the EIT data it should be a bit more reliable.



  1. I used this “technique” again today, but I tried pulling one project over at a time and for whatever reason it didn’t do anything the second time. So, I just started again and put both projects in my filemap.txt

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