Posted by: dogbix | 18 November 2009

1st Pass at Installation

All of the parts arrived and I have assembled them. The first problem I encountered I was half expecting, although the case I ordered was a 2 slot PCI case the lower of the two slots could only take a half size card as the 3.5″ harddrive shared part of the space. Luckily this wasn’t too much of an issue as the case had space for a slimline optical drive and I was able to use this space for the CA/CI card module.

Fully assembled without top

The only issue is that there is a bit of a gap around the card module which sticks out the front of the case, this is fine as far as I can easily access the smart card but obviously is a bit ugly. There was a front plate that came with the CI card but it was for the space of a floppy drive, we’ll have to work something out to cover the gap.

Rear view showing PCI card and HDD conflict

Rear view showing PCI card and HDD conflict

Another pic below showing the PCI slot area with the HDD using up some of the space for the lower slot.

Want more pics? Let me know.


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