Posted by: dogbix | 28 October 2009

Box it up

The other thing to consider when building a HTPC is the case. Since I first started using mini-itx boards the choice has grown considerably and a lot depends of course on your needs and desires.

A+ Cupid 3 Mini-ITX HTPC Chassis image

There are some very nice cases which try and blend in with normal hi-fi equipment like this one that is reviewed at Tweaktown.

Of course I have certain requirements, one is for the whole system to be as  quiet as possible as it will be in the lounge behind the TV.  For this I prefer cases that use an external power brick similar to laptops. This saves on one more fan inside the case. The power needs of the Intel Atom ION motherboards are quite undemanding so the low-wattage of the power brick style PSUs are very suitable.

The other thing that I am looking for in a case is space for 2 internal PCI cards or one PCI card and an extra 3.5″ bay. This is for the tuner card and it’s CI module buddy which can either sit in a spare PCI slot or an external facing 3.5″ bay.

Cubid 2755The cases I am looking at are the Cubid 2755 and 2799 at, they look very similar so it might just come down to availability.

They seem very compact but tick all the right boxes, they measure less than 30cm square and less than 7cm high. They also have the ability to install a slimline CD player but I don’t plan to bother with that.

Nearly there…..


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