Posted by: dogbix | 22 January 2007

Installing MythTV on Debian Etch part 2

After installing the basic hardware support on the bare Debian system I used this page from the MythTV wiki as a guide to installing the rest of the software necessary. I decided to use the MythTV packages rather compile my own. This guide is rather brief but it gets the MySQL installed and main MythTV packages from the excellant repository of Christian Marillat. A key package that you need but isn’t mentioned is the xmltv packages, just use apt-get to install, this include a bunch of perl scripts for grabbing TV channel information from various web sites.

Another site I used for checking details and general information is the site which has a real wealth of info about MythTV and also setting up capture cards.

Once you finally get MythTV up and running here is a handy link to keyboard controls for watching TV.



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